Adamant Toads Enlistment Datasheet

Please fill this form out if you are interested in flying with the Adamant Toads - the galaxy's premier private military subcontractors.

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Your In-Game Name

We know you're a CMDR already please do not include the CMDR part (unless it is part of your username, e.g., "CMDR CMDR Joe")

Your Username on Inara

Because it could be different from your in-game name. This is mandatory! Make a profile at Inara

Your Username on Discord

This is actually mandatory too, please get on Discord!

Your Geographical Region
Eastern North America
Western North America
Australia, New Zealand, or Asia
Your Usual Activity Level
1-5 hours per week
5-10 hours per week
10-20 hours per week
20+ hours per week
Are you interested in leadership opportunities with the Adamant Toads?
Yes, I am interested in being a leader in space. A space leader.
No, I am more of a "point me in the right direction" kind of person.
What kind of operations are you _most_ interested in?
PVP! I just can't get enough of shooting mans and getting shot by mans.
PVE! I love running missions, trading, exploring, or shooting mans who are not actually players.
Are you a spy? If yes, for whom?
Do you have any special skills or abilities you'd like to volunteer?