Diamond Frogs Activity Questionnaire


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Your SA Forums Name

Your goon name, that you post under.

Your SA Profile URL

The address of your goony profile. Go to the forums homepage and click on the bit where it says "Hello, [your name]" to go right to your profile. Copy that address (will look like http://forums.somethingawful.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=133769) and paste it here.

Put the phrase Diamond Frogs Sucks into your profile with the user control panel on somethingawful.com or your application will be rejected.

Your In Game Name

The name of your CMDR pilotman in space (You don't need to add the CMDR part I know about that okay?)

Your Username on Inara

Some people use a different name on Inara than they use in game or on SA. Nobody knows why. Because of that, I have to ask this, too. Jesus.

Your Inara profile URL

Go to inara.cz and click on CMDR'S LOG. Copy that address (will look like http://inara.cz/cmdr/1337) and paste it here.

Your Username on Discord

Some people use a different name on Discord than they use in game or on SA OR on Inara. At this point, I'm starting to think they're doing this to be assholes.

Are you going to be active in this game? (The game is Elite: Dangerous, okay?)

Like, do you intend to play this game with any kind of regularity?

Yes, I am going to play the hell out of this game, it's my main game. (Put me in, coach, I'll be your hero!!)
I might log in a few times a week. (Put me in a moderately active wing)
Might log in when something is going on. (I can be a reservist but I'm not really front line material)
I will sign up on Inara and never be heard from again. (Assign me to a thing on Inara for other people who don't play, basically)
What timezone do you play in?

Like, it's probably in the evening where you live, but maybe you're a 3rd shifter or something. What is the in game time where you are on most frequently?

What region do you live in?

Like, where is your body located generally when you play?

Eastern North America
Western North America
UK or Europe
Australia, NZ, or Asia
Are you open to some combination of bloodsport and administrative bullcrap, eventually resulting in a possible wing leadership position?

You'll be competing with your comrades for the right to get harrassed by your comrades about whatever.

Yes, basically I am down for any kind of bloodsport and administrative spreadsheet warfare
No, I just want to fly a ship mang.
I want to do bloodsports but not so much do the leadership thing.
Do you have any special skills or anything useful to contribute? *OPTIONAL*

Like, that you actually want to contribute and we need to know about? Having loads of money that you are poor at managing and want to give to spacegames is a skill BTW.